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Soo, I was tagged by :iconrickwhitetiger:

- You have to type 20 facts about yourself.
- You have to copy this roolz.
- You have to drag a minimun of 8 people into this.

DI DIDI DIDIDI DI (if someone guess what song is this I just written I will give he/she a cookie :v)

Fact2: Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fact3: I love Dinosaurs (and all the other prehistoric creatures) since I was, like, 3 or something.

Fact4: I also really love everything related to the Kaiju-Eiga genre, and Godzilla 2014 is probably one of my favourite movies of all time (even tho it has its problems). Im also really, REALLY hyped for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs Kong.

I love reading comics, and I have a big collection of these.

Fact6: My favourite music genre is Rock, and my favourite band is AC/DC.

Fact7: I really like politically incorrect humor,
but I always knew the difference between humor and real thoughts (or at least I try to do it)

Fact8: I have a really old female German Shepherd dog, called Amancay. I also have one hen, two chickens and a bunch of chicks.

Fact9: Even tho I don't really see much TV, my favourite series are Rick and Morty, South Park and Stranger Things.

Fact10: I also really like

Fact11: I am (trying to) creating my own Kaijuverse, but as today goes is only a ton of ideas in my head.

Fact12: I'm running out of facts :P

Fact13: I love listening to soundtracks of videogames, movies, series, etc. and I really like the works of  Hanz Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi and John Williams.

Fact14: I draw a lot, but I try to submit art that I think is worted.

Fact15: I'm not really into sports and all of that stuff.

Fact16: I'm currently single, and I don't really care about having a gf or all of that stuff.

Fact17: One of my all-time dreams is work on a movie, or create a videogame.


Fact19: I think I might do a "Know the artist" kinda-thingy somewhere in the long future... hell, I might even finally finish all those requests soon... Nah, Im imagining things (dont kill me please)

Fact20: I´m not tagging someone xD



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Solo un chico... que le gusta dibujar Kaiju, dinosaurios y mas...
Only a guy... who likes drawing Kaiju, dinosaurs and more...

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